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Website Competitive Analysis

Sick and tired of having the worst-looking, least-effective web presence in your industry? If you find yourself looking at your competitors' web sites and saying, "Why don't we have something like that?" ...or if you know you need a web site but aren't clear what it should look like, you'll benefit from a Website Competitive Analysis.

A Website Competitive Analysis is simply an exhaustive scorecard which analyzes your competitors' sites feature-for-feature with an eye to usability, marketing effectiveness, navigation, branding, content, flow, and look-and-feel. The result of the Analysis is a list of the "best of breed" features that your competitors are using, plus a list of pitfalls to avoid. These lists, in turn, become a checklist toward the creation of a new web site — your web site — which will match or beat the competition, feature-for-feature.

Search Engine & Promotion Strategies

Classroom Format — Due to the rapidly-changing nature of search engine technology, it is impossible to guarantee search-engine positioning for any web site. All the same, there are techniques which can make the difference between being ranked in the top 50 hits and being ranked somewhere around hit number 392,765! Using up-to-date courseware, we explain search engines, meta tags, text placement, doorway pages, the drawbacks of using frames, user-agent detection with CGI, and give examples that illustrate how search engines rank pages. We also discuss the pros and cons of using automatic submission services.

Site Design

  • Client-side Technologies
    • JavaScript, VBScript
    • Java applets
    • Flash animations, buttons, text effects, and multimedia
    • Custom MIDI or MP3 background music
  • Server-side Technologies
    • ASP.NET
    • ASP "Classic"
    • PERL
    • PHP
    • JSP/Java Servlets
    • Adobe ColdFusion

Instruction $400/day (7 hours) or $80/hour

Some additional setup fees may apply for certain classes, and custom courseware development is priced separately. Contact with your training needs for pricing.